We are witnessing a dramatic shift in the way Web applications are being accessed and used. While Web applications are mainly deployed onto desktop computers, their access is being extended to mobile devices, wearables and home appliances. The audience comprises an extremely rich variety of users of all ages, abilities and expertise. This new scenario calls for innovative ways of understanding how the quality of the user experience (quality-in-use) is perceived by individuals and how theoretical quality models account for this. Accessibility, understood as the quality that conveys the ease of use regardless of abilities, expertise, platform or device used, is therefore a key construct that should be operationalised and reflected by quality models, tailored measurement and evaluation strategies. We solicit contributions on the most innovative Web Engineering tools, methods, processes and strategies that allow us to understand, evaluate and ultimately improve the quality and quality-in-use of Web artifacts. We also seek empirical studies that will inform the next generation of quality models.

For paper categories, submission instructions and deadlines, please see the ICWE submission page.

Track Chairs
Luis Olsina, National University of La Pampa, Argentina
Markel Vigo, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Topics of interest

  • Quality models/guidelines, characteristics/attributes/heuristics, metrics, indicators/criteria, patterns, and recommendations (for, e.g., Web products, systems, systems in use, services, etc.)
  • Quality measurement, evaluation and improvement for Web applications: Strategies, processes and methods
  • Non-functional requirements for Web applications: Specification, validation and verification
  • Testing Web applications: Strategies, processes, methods and tools
  • Quality in Web Engineering project management (e.g., size, cost estimation, risk management, etc.)
  • Quality and empirical Web Engineering
  • The role of web accessibility in Quality Models
  • Tools, methods, and metrics for evaluating accessibility-in-use
  • Tools, methods, and metrics for evaluating conformance to guidelines
  • The relationship of conformance and accessibility-in-use
  • Empirical studies with users that inform quality models